How Much Can I Borrow Calculator
This calculator allows you to quickly calculate what you can afford to borrow based on your income and expenditure. Please enter the figures required and then click on calculate.

Income earnings must be specified correctly. Please ensure that the income details of one of the income earners is recorded under the "Applicant 1" column.

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Ongoing expenses (monthly repayments)

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Tax benefit % applicable to:
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What percentage of the interest expense for your new negatively geared property will be used as a deduction against the taxable income of each applicant?

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The figures and formulae used within this Calculator may change at any time without notice. The calculations are intended as a guide only. When assessing ability to service a loan, the Bank may use an interest rate that is higher than the current interest rate for the loan requested. We call this the Assessment Interest Rate. Changes in economic conditions may see variations in rates requiring higher repayments during the life of a loan and it can be of assistance, when setting budgets, to consider such events.