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General questions about XPOS

What kind of EFTPOS terminal do you need to have?
XPOS makes it easy to create new revenue streams for your business by providing customers with additional products and services.  What's more, XPOS is available via a number of different EFTPOS facilities.  That means it's built to suit small or medium businesses, right up to large institutional operations.

EFTPOS PLUS terminals provide XPOS at no extra charge, with enhanced capabilities.

Products available include mobile phone cards, magazine subscriptions, toll passes and attraction tickets.

Optional features include Bartercard acceptance, and electronic gift card acceptance for ECom Industries clients.

XPOS Integrated
XPOS is now available as a PC application direct on a point of sale.

Exclusive to the Commonwealth Bank, XPOS Integrated is a first to Australia.  It makes it easy, for example, to include a mobile recharge or a fishing license to a grocery bill or a tank of fuel.

XPOS is provided by point of sale vendors as an additional module to your EFTPOS service.  XPOS Integrated runs off a broadband or dial up connection on your PC and is compatible with all PINpad types.

XPOS Integrated is provided free of charge by the Bank, however point of sale vendors may charge for the service.

XPOS Integrated Point of Sale Vendors
JDA Software Australia
Scanning Systems Australia (SSA)
Worldsmart Retech

How do I install it?
You won't have to install an EFTPOS PLUS facility, our representatives will come out and install it for you. They'll contact you to arrange a convenient time for installation.

If XPOS is on your Point of Sale, your POS vendor will discuss the installation with you.

What's the application process to upgrade, and how long does it take?
To upgrade from your current Commonwealth Bank EFTPOS facility, call 13 1998, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Installation only takes about 15 minutes, and our representatives will contact you beforehand to arrange a convenient time.

To upgrade your current Point of Sale you will need to contact your POS provider. You will also need to call us on 13 1998, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the technology requirements?
You simply require an analogue dial-up phone line and access to a power point for your EFTPOS PLUS facility.

If you are upgrading your Point of Sale, speak to your POS provider. XPOS Integrated uses the same communications as the Point of Sale register - either Broadband or PSTN dial.

Questions about XPOS products and services

Can I choose the products?
We will work with you to develop the right mix of products compatible with your business type.

I already sell these products physically, so why should I change to electronic delivery?
Electronic delivery of products frees up shelf space and alleviates shrinkage concerns. Products are printed and issued by the terminal when required, eliminating expensive up-front costs. There is no capital outlay and you can't run out of stock.

What is the payment process?
The Terminal Rental Fee is debited from your account as per your current agreement with the Bank.

The product proceeds are debited from your nominated transaction account 1-3 times a week, depending on the product set you choose, less your commissions.

How does it work?
Click here for a full explanation.

What about security among staff?
The terminal ensures authorised operator-only access by way of a user ID to access all XPOS products and services.

If you have XPOS Integrated, your Point of Sale will have operator access also.


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For more information call 13 1998, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here to order XPOS or email an enquiry.

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